10 common symptoms of depression

When you are stressed all the time, it’s easy to believe that you are now having depression. But are you really dealing with depression or is it just a very tough, anxious moment in your life? With that in mind, we wanted to come here and help you understand what causes depression, how you can deal with it and what you can expect from these symptoms.

  1. Suicidal and brooding inclinations are known to be common for people that deal with depression. You have to avoid those to the best of your capabilities and in the end you will see that everything will be a whole lot better.
  2. A short temper and restlessness. Too much work and tired feeling
  3. Chronic pain and headaches that appear for no reason might be a sign of depression. This may happen all the time, so you have to try your best and obtain the right approach in this regard.
  4. Weight loss or gain that happened out of nowhere. If you accumulate or lose weight out of the blue, it’s clear that there are some psychological problems at play. So, talk with a professional in this regard.
  5. Insomnia and a loss of sleep. You will find lots of cases where thoughts and depression keep you away during the night and you can’t sleep. It’s important to find a good treatment if such a thing happens.
  6. No energy and slower activity levels.
  7. You are indecisive and you can’t focus. Having the right focus is essential, but there are times when this might not be able to happen. We recommend you to try and talk with someone in order to alleviate depression.
  8. Extreme guilt and a lack of self worth can also be a sign of depression. These things can happen pretty often, and there will be numerous challenges to overcome this way. Just try to take your time and understand why you feel that guilt, try to find a solution to it.
  9. A constant pessimism. While it can be ok to have a sense of pessimism at times, the reality is that being too pessimistic comes with its own challenges. Do it too much, and it will just lead to depression.
  10. A sense of constant sadness and emptiness. If this happens, try to create meaningful connections with other people, as it can come in handy a lot!



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