10 Great Small Business Ideas For Pakistanis

Setting up business in Pakistan with small investment is very hard due to country’s overall financial condition. However Pakistan is rich with consumer market and considered as one of largest consumer market in South Asia. Here we are sharing some business ideas for small investors that can turn out well.

1. Telecom:

Business related to telecom has vast opportunities ranging from reselling customer services, franchising and payment based services of telecom.

2. Electronics:

From last four to five years the branded electronics are selling more than cheaper electronic equipment which was coming from China and other countries so selling branded electronics is a good business but be sure to start somewhere that do not have much competition already

3. Furniture:

If you produce low cost high quality yet unique furniture most chances are that you will stand out from your customers.

5. Dr Younis Way

Dr Younis the noble prize winner from Bangladesh had successfully established the micro finance system so our people can also follow that. We usually have committees in every village or city so that collective money can go to someone starting a business one by one.

6. The Hard Mechanic

There is not much education a mechanic got but if you do some good short courses to get your hand on branded equipment repairing then you will eventually get lots of customers because usually people think once a branded thing gets wrong it will always be wrong and can not be repaired.

7. Mobile Phone Repairing

Mobile phone repairing is rising now specially with people having access to expensive phones that can be brought to repair like water damage, damaged screen and similar problems.

8. Currency Exchange:

Although this need some good investment at start but it can be started with small amount of contracting with a bank.

9. Advertising:

The small business advertising that can include advertising a small school, shop or market. Done through signboards, art work and handouts. This is very cost effective business.

10. Take The Risk:

Taking the risk is key in every business. So research your market around, research on which service or products have shortage or poor quality and target that one.




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