15 Signs That You are a 90’s Kid in Pakistan

  1. Playing hide n seek, ludo, pitogram,steps and many more such games were more addictive than candy crush, gta and need for speed
  2. Wearing of Eid clothes many times on Chand Raat and do the best that no one can see
  3. Girls love bright dopta while boys love light boots
  4. Ainak Wala Jin was more famous than CID & Bubulay
  5. Used Dollar ink pens and yellow piano pencils
  6. When most of talk was about yesterday night drama episode (what happened in that)
  7. Tot Btot were more famous than latest cartoons
  8. When Dolls marriage was as serious as original marriages
  9. When you started a committee (collecting money from the friends and then giving it to someone on his turn) but end up within 2-3 days.
  10. Bought Cola, Chips and still have money left
  11. When writing letters like your mother was something a miracle to happen
  12. When you sleep while watching PTV Khabarnama at 9pm (Decide daily that i will watch more drama after khabarnama today but always sleep while watching news
  13. When listening to Anwar Maqsood and waiting when he will end.
  14. Watching Uncle Sargam was as entertaining as watching Imran Khan Jalsa LOL
  15. Collecting novels and cassettes from everywhere for Sunday



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