257 Million Fine To Shell For Oil Tanker Blast

After supreme court has taken suomoto notice of ahmed pur shrqia oil tanker blast, Shell company is held responsible for this and fined 257 million rupees.

OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) has imposed $2.3 million for affiliating with a company (Marwat) that has poor equipment and very bad situation of their oil tankers.

Earlier Shell company strongly denies their own mistake and held the driver and Marwat company responsible for this but continuous investigation from authorities as well as strong campaign in media led the Shell company to change its stance.

OGRA is taking steps cautiously for Shell because Shell is one of largest oil distribution company in Pakistan which gives a steady flow of oil throughout Pakistan. Shell is an international company which has strong investments in Pakistan oil & gas industry so its quite unlikely that they will be given hard stance on their act.

Oil tanker blast caused 200+ people lost their lives whom bodies are either completely or partially burnt. The oil tanker was offtrack due to over speeding and people from around the villages gathered to collect the oil. It is believed that the fire was caused by a cigarette which has burnt several people, nearby vehicles and left no chance for people in the vicinity to save themselves.



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