4 Dead 150 Injured in Train Collision Near Multan

Awami Express collide with a loader train near Multan. The train was going to Karachi from Peshawar. According to Pakistan Television around 150 people are injured. The collision was such strong that it affect many frats of the train thus increasing the injuries.

The injured were take to Nishtar Hospital Multan and those in critical condition are shifted to Sharif General Hospital. Railway administration has started investigation how this accident occurred. Initial reports are blaming the train driver for this accident.

According to Javed Anwar (Railway CEO) they are investigation from all aspects and truth will come out. Khwaja Saad Rafiq the railway minister ordered the reports to be given within 3 days. He also expressed his deep condolences with dead and injured ones.

Some sources also claiming that incident was deliberate as to hide mega corruption scandals in railway but government officials have strong rejects this.



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