Aggressive Modi is Dangerous For His Own Country

After Uri district attack on indian forces the already flamed modi is even flamed more. The anti muslim wing that follows modi is asking to take such measures that India is never capable of. Under strong American support India is trying to do some serious things to prove their presence in the region. America want greater indian roll in blocking China to become super power because they also realize that only way to rule the work is to control economics rather than waging wars on other countries and grabbing their resources which is US policy since 9/11.

The reality is after so much US support in terms of trade and defense India is by far to compete with China economically and to Pakistan strategically or military wise. This also worries US think tanks alot because India is never capable of blocking Chinese close ties with Pakistan as well as CPEC. America wants India to tackle China and Pakistan at the same time which seems impossible.

Main reason is that China is so much powerful in terms of economics that they consider India a small threat and always in position to wage a war with them. It adds CPEC to their worries despite raw making huge investment on propaganda inside Pakistan against CPEC by raising small issues. India’s own economical situation is not such great. They had almost 60% people living in poverty and according to international surveys half of Indians do not have toilet even. So if India ever dream of ruling the South Asia it has to compete China economically which at least in near future impossible.

Now comes with India top leadership. Since Modi came he take on aggressive approach towards Pakistan and China although he had visit China but talks were only restricted to border allegations from both sides. Modi is trying to take advantage of anti Muslim thinking as well as under pressure from his native party followers to go any means against Muslims and specially Pakistan. If war even small scale or large one will hit both countries badly from every aspect.

Indian think tanks think that by involving Pakistan army to Afghan border they successfully divert the attention from indian oriented policies to afghan oriented but Pakistan army is still on same policies citing India only threat to Pakistan and thus making all measures to tackle them.




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