All About Pakistan Army SSG

SSG or Special Services Group is the main backbone of Pakistan Army with advance warfare and operational services during wars. SSG was created in 1956 as a special operational force. SSG was first assigned to the Baluch regiment in 1956.


  • Act as main attacking force during war
  • Conduct high command operations
  • Doing operations on ISI intelligence
  • Secret Operations to accomplish particular goals
  • To assist the Army in advancing to enemy area
  • Silent operations carried on one on one basis
  • SSG recently also doing counter terrorism operations as well as active in tribal areas near Afghan border.

Major Operations:

  • Operation Gibraltar
  • 1965 Indo-Pakistani War
  • 1971 Indo-Pakistani War
  • Makkah Mukarama Operation
  • Afghanistan war against Soviets
  • Siachen Clash
  • 1999 Indo-Pakistani War
  • War in North-West Pakistan
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Zarb-e-Azb
  • United Nations Operations and peace missions




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