Amjad Sabri’s Last Performance Before Death

The performance of Amjad Sabri in coke studio was his last, a duet qawali with rahat, kalam of amir khusro and produced by strings. Coke studio 9 last song is Amjad Sabri’s last too thus it was most awaited performance in season 9 of coke studio.

The song went viral instantly with million views within 10 hours. The performance and matching with Rahat this was instant hit. The kalam was sung in a complex melody yet it was so easy for people to follow and go along the song as it progress. The kalam was although hard to understand its meaning but at some time you believe you are in there.

Amjab Sabri was murdered while he was on his way to a private tv channel show in Ramzan. After that it was revealed that he had his performance already in coke studio and it would be released at the end of coke studio season 9 thus ending was perfect and sad too for all of listeners as well as coke studio members.

Here is the song from official Coke Studio youtube channel.




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