Bollywood is Split Over Pakistani Actors Ban

After tense situation on borders between Pakistan and India the entertainment industry of both countries were asked heavily to respond over this. Main clash begun when Indian motion picture association called ban on Pakistani actors and ask to stop all projects that are either in production stage or post production. This not only cause lost to Pakistani actors but a great loss to film investors and film makers who already complete films with Pakistani actors and were to launch soon.

Main actors were Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar while Rahat fateh ali khan and Atif Aslam were to be there to record songs for those films. Mahira khan was coming with mighty Shahrukh khan and Fawad was in the film with Salman Khan.

The prominent actors who said that its good to ban all Pakistani actors, actresses and content are Nana Patekar, Amitabh Bachan while those who are in support of Pakistanis are om puri, sonu nigam and vishal shekar.

Om Puri has the most breakout comments while talking to a tv channel. The indian channel were alleging him that he humiliated the indian army and a case is filed against him. He said that he had worked with Pakistani actors and will continue working with them. The entertainment should be separated from politics.

Pakistanis on the other side are also split. After ban of complete Indian content in Pakistan major cinemas will have the most of damage because Indian films are backbone of these cinemas as Pakistani films do not have that kind of potential. Some group is opposing this and some are favoring but if this was two way traffic then something might be considered to lift this ban but India already banned Pakistani content and they do not give them any space. In such situation Pakistan does the wise thing too.

Let us know which side you support.




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