Bomb Blast in Lahore Defense Area

Second bomb blast in 10 days in Lahore. This time terrorist hit the city’s most elite area of Defence Housing Authority. The bomb blast in a Restaurant in commercial market.

According to law minister of Punjab Rana Sana Ullah the bomb blast at a under construction building where construction work was going on. According to Rescue 1122 6 dead bodies are recovered from the blast area while 30 people are wounded out of which 4 were critically wounded.

According to police its too early to say anything about the nature of the blast whether it was suicide attack or not. Earlier a bomb was blast at chairing cross which had killed many people including senior police officers.

The current wave of aggressive terrorist attack is marking lots of questions and some analyst says that after operation zarb e azab the terrorist hide in Afghanistan and now they started to operate again.

Pakistan Army launched their new operation name Radul Fasad where Rangers were deployed in Punjab as well to carry out operations. Pakistan has sealed the Pak Afghan border and also done operation against terrorists inside Afghanistan.




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