Brands That Only 90s Kids Can Remember

It is often said that there was a big gap between 90s kids and after 2000+ kids. The main reason was that there was no technology other than radio and tv for entertainment. 90s kids were more involved in outdoor games, playing with their friends almost all the day and then watching television at night then sleep too early (at least it was the case for me)

But things had changed so abruptly that we can not imagine those things with current children. Today’s children are more prone to mobile phones, video games and spends most of their time with such gadgets.

Here we are sharing some brands that were the heart of 90s kids

dentonicOh do you remember that white powder who ad was one of the most famous in history of Pakistan. Yes you are right the heart of millions Dentonic was the key brand in 90s (still there). It was the most famous Pakistan’s own brand that we had used alot over the years without knowing from where it comes.

S. A Alvi the proud owner of Dentonic revealed that he got the formula from a local dental doctor (hakeem) and it was so good he asked him about its formula and then he tried to do his own thus that turn in to Dentonic.

Here are few more


Mitchell Toffee

Top Pops

Gold Toffee

Piano Yellow Pencil

Bubble Your Name


Khati/meethi Imli (That has unknown hero and heroins on the pack)

Share your own if you remember anything in 90s you want to be here again.










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