Butchers To Take Measures During Qurbani

On Eid ul Adha thousands of animals are sacrificed throughout Pakistan. Mostly butchers do the whole process in open air and on such places which are abandoned or not much cleaned. Then after some process meat is brought in to house for further processing.

Health advisors have urged the butchers to take strict measures to prevent any means of virus of infection during qurbani. They are advised to wear hand glubs, face covers and use clean tools. The people who are giving qurbani should clean the space well and ensure the butcher has clean tools. Any anti infection spray recommended by your local health department can be used a day before the qurbani.

Meat should be kept in a clean place and covered during this period until distribution. It is advised to dump the waste deeper in the earth and as soon as you can so it do not attract any bacteria.

Before qurbani make sure your animal is in good health. Consult to veterinary doctor if you feel anything un usual.



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