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How To Buy a Property in Pakistan

When buying a house, there are many things to consider. Normally, the price is what home Hbuyers would usually look into often forgetting equally important aspects such as the location. This aspect is very broad and encompasses several factors too. Buying a home or property in Pakistan is very difficult …

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Types of Insurance in Pakistan

Insurance is a type of backup that is issued to a person or organization in several cases like death, accident or similar situations. The person or organization submits a certain amount monthly or annually to insurance broker/company for a set terms like 5 years, 10 years or life time insurance. …

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Dollar Peaks to 108.1 Against Pakistani Rupee

After remaining around 100-104PKR per $1, on 5th july the dollar has peak to 108.1 against Pakistani rupee which shows a major decline in PKR value. According to media reports the dollar was suddenly on the rise as political situation is peaking up to JIT decision but expert financial analyst …

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First CPEC Shipment Arrived in Pakistan from China

First CPEC Shipment Arrived in Pakistan from China. A convoy of 165 containers reach Gawadar last night. The shipment entered Pakistan on 1st November and took around 12 days to reach Gawadar. Strict security measures were taken to safeguard the first shipment. There was air surveillance monitoring entire routes. On …

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10 Great Small Business Ideas For Pakistanis

Setting up business in Pakistan with small investment is very hard due to country’s overall financial condition. However Pakistan is rich with consumer market and considered as one of largest consumer market in South Asia. Here we are sharing some business ideas for small investors that can turn out well. …

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