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How To Choose Right Tutor for Your Child

The current education system in Pakistan is established such way that tutors are a must for any student. Its like a doctor practicing privately  while having government job as well. The doctor would be a complete different person when you met him privately paying large fees. Same is for tutors. …

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Situation of Government Schools in Pakistan

Government Schools in Pakistan are a major source for 80% population for low cost education. Its because of Government schools that Pakistan has retained its literacy rate which is below than it should be but not really bad. However the situation of government schools is worst than ever. In large …

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How To Get Experience For The Job?

Interviewer: Do you have experience for this job? Student: No, Sir Interviewer: You must have experience to have any chance of getting this job Student: From where i get experience Interviewer: By doing a job 😀 Experience is the requirement of almost every job. Pakistan short on career opportunities have …

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How To Write a Perfect CV

CV is most important part while searching a job or interview. A CV usually contain all of your personal details, education, experiences, interests and your qualities. The CV is the back bone of how employer will judge you without talking to you directly or before interview thus it should be …

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