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OnePlus 5 Dual Camera Mobile Phone Review

OnePlus is a US based company which has introduced its flagship product OnePlus 5 Mobile Phone which featured a dual camera. The company focused a lot on camera features and introduced one of a kind idea of having dual camera technology which will have better focus and motion photography. The …

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Skills an IT Professional Needs

IT Professional skills requirements

These days, customers depend on IT professionals like never before and have significantly higher requests. We should give a one-stop shop to serve our customers well specially when they do not know anything about IT. We should have the specialized aptitudes, as well as the abilities to viably speak with …

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Sold Out & Packed Shops for Iphone 7 Sale

After official launch of Iphone 7 and Iphone 7+ in various countries the iphone lovers rushed to the stores to be among the first person to grab the iphone. There were people who spend the whole night in front of store hoping to get in as soon as iphone stores …

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Samsung Note 7 Charging Will be Reduced by 60%

South Korean technology company Samsung has decided to reduce the charging capacity to 60% for galaxy note 7. Samsung has published advertisement in local newspaper. The decision is taken to attract buyers to return their phones. Expert says that reducing the battery capacity is not the solution as Samsung will …

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