Ch. Nisar Ask Nawaz Sharif To Resign

Federal cabinet meeting was held in chair of Nawaz Sharif to discuss panama leaks and PM resignation. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that he will not resign and his government has delivered to expectations of the common people and its voters.

Each member of cabinet was allowed to input their comments about what PM should do and what is next strategy. In an unlikely event interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that in current situation a miracle can only save PM. So you should accept the realities and to resign. PM said that if he has any issues he should have discussed me in personal but not on such open forum. In reply Nisar Ali Khan said that he speaks on spot and talk on realities. He said that their government’s first moto is accountability at every stage and his party should follow that tradition.

Ch Nisar Ali Khan said to PM that the situation came to this stage because of the politicians involved around your closed circle who are giving you absolute wrong advice and this way will lead to more worries for the government and ruling party.

After this Ch Nisar Ali Khan has left the cabinet meeting early.

After such reports circled on media the interior ministry has strongly denied any such news or stance by Ch Nisar Ali Khan but said that he did said his point of view but it was not so harsh and pointed towards PM. He said he will pray that PM will come out of this situation victorious.



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