Clash between Army Officers & Motorway Police is Under Investigation – ISPR

ISLAMABAD. ISPR issues a statement after clash between civil dressed Army officers and motorway police clearing that issue will be properly investigated.

DiG operations National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP) gave the details of the incident. According to him the two cars overs speeding did not stop after motorway personnel tried to step them. Then they chased and stop them. Instead of apologizing the army officers called more army men who torture the motorway police persons as he also called high command of motorway police being there. The army officers were carrying butt and battons and beat the police men badly. He added.

This has been currently trending on Facebook with people criticizing the army officers reaction and also sharing the images of the incident.

A format FIR is launched in to this matter at Akora Khattak police station and investigation has begun.




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