Coke Studio Season 10 Review

Coke studio has become international brand showcasing vast collaboration between musicians and music artists with performances that depicts Pakistan culture. The season 1o ended yesterday with a tribute to Junaid Jamshed.

The National Anthem of Pakistan:

The season started with National Anthem of Pakistan sung by 20+ famous singers with short words from each. Notables were Atta Ullah Khan, Strings, Ali Hamza, Sahir Ali Bagga, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Salman Ahmed, Momina Mustehsan, Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It was a tremendous start of the season with tribute to whole Pakistani nation.

Episode 1:

The first episode started with new singers mostly singing old songs. Singers like Shafqat Amanat ali and Momina really sung well. The newcomer Danyal Zafar also sung well on his coke studio debut. Songs Muntazir and Ranjish hi Sahi top the charts on Youtube as well as on Facebook.

Episode 2:

Episode 2 mark the return of Salman Ahmed with newer version of Sayonee sung by Rahat Fateh Ali khan and Ali Noor with Salman Ahmed on Guitar. It was received mostly negative reviews because original song was so perfect that its remix did not up to that standard and voice of Ali Azmat is quit missing. Tinak Dhin was the best new song in this episode that really inspired a beautiful beat and essence of diverse Pakistani cultural songs.

Episode 3:

Episode 3 featured Sajjad Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga, Humaira Channa, Aima Baig and more. The best songs were Baazi sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima baig top the charts. Other notable songs were Ronay Na Diya by Sajjad Ali and Mujh se Pehli si Muhabbat.

Episode 4:

Episode 4 started with English mix song by Ali Zafar and his brother Danyal Zaffar that inspired from hip hop music era started in 80s in Pakistan. This episode also featured wedding song Lathay Di Chadar that received positive reviews from the viewers.

Episode 5:

Episode 5 featured song was Rangrez by Rahat Fateh Ali khan. Notable songs were Ujaloo mein, Sab Maya Hai and Bol.

Episode 6:

Episode 6 featured another Junoon Hit Ghoom Taana sung by Momina Mustehsan and music by Salman Ahmed. He also on guitar performing live with Momina. The song top the charts and was among the most viewed song on Youtube of season 10.

Finale Epsiode:

Final episode featured a tribute to Junaid Jamshed with his hit Us Raah per sung jointly by Strings, Ali Hamza and Ali Zafar. Other notable song was Tere Naam by Sajjad Ali a classical beat.




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