Cricket Team Push-Ups & Our Politics

Pakistan cricket team innovated a new way to celebrate the victory which is briefly due to their fitness camp under Army which players used to show their fitness level after hard training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

Their did this mainly in England when they win the first and 4th test match to draw a tough series. Could you believe that someone is against these Push-Ups. YES ruling PMLN government MNA Rana Afzal said that team push-ups much be banned and team need to offer Sajda or Prayers after winning. Well its should be like a Politician need to offer Sajda or Prayer after he win in Election while they never do this instead they chant their slogans and go viral in celebration so why only cricket team is under such scrutiny.

Naturally Pakistan cricket team offer prayers at the start of the match as well as offer Sajda when someone score a century or play brilliantly to win match for the team hope this will continue in addition to Push-Ups although later one is now completely far away from team now.

Yesterday Imran Khan along with other party members performed Push-Ups to teas the PMLN government.




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