Cyril Almeida Name Removed From Exit Control List

Cyril Almeida name has been omitted from exit control list. Government has decided to lift the ban on the journalist. Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that Almeida name is remove from exit control list however the investigation is still continued and will be open until conclusion.

He was talking to council of newspaper editors and All Pakistan Newspaper Society convoys. Interior Minister said that the journalist name was added to exit control list so no one can blame Government that it has leaked the information and then allow the journalist to ran away from Pakistan.

On other other side Army has expressed their concern over the issue and urge to have fast investigation in to the issue so main culprit who has leaked this info to be brought to justice.

Cyril Almeida name was added to exit control list after he published news about the secret meeting between Government and Army. He claimed that heated arguments were there from both sides and Government is angry over Army not taking actions against the militants without any distinction.

After the decision of investigation Cyril Almeida immediately book Dubai flight that is why Government has added him to exit control list so he can not leave Pakistan.




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