Death Penalty Execution (پھانسی), Right or Wrong?

Death Penalty or death execution is a process of hanging a criminal to death through various ways. The most common is a person is hanged with rope tight around his throat high enough that the below table or any other chamber is lifted and person dies within moments. Some countries have other systems as well like medics, electricity shocks.

General Musharraf imposed ban on death penalty which remained for almost 15 years until it was lifted in 2014. The major lifting was done as part of National Action Plan after APS attack. From then several executions are conducted in various jails of Pakistan. International media rated Pakistan as the 2nd highest execution rated country.

Execution or death penalty is right or wrong? The debate is hot topic in Pakistan. The situation of courts as well as justice system in Pakistan has more to say over this issue.

Pakistan is Islamic State, its laws are strictly to be made according to Islamic values and laws. The execution is part of Islamic rules to save the society from crimes. However so called human rights organization or activists are protesting against this deeming it not good for society. The execution is carried as the second option in Islam as both parties are advised to discuss or resolve issues or pay ransom to deceased’s family often known as det (دیت)

If we take example of Saudi Arabia which is has strict and transparent justice system, their execution rates are highest that is why it help their society alot to stay away from crimes. It is divided in to 3 major categories.


These are fixed punishment as described in Quran like apostasy, adultery, and sodomy.


Mainly murder in which the family of murder has the right to choose either to hang the murderer or forgive him in exchange with dyaa or det as described earlier.


This is a general category and normally sharia laws defines various crimes in this.

Pakistan execution system is based on the final outcome of case from the judicial courts. There are no shria court system in Pakistan but shria laws and punishments are carried through public courts system.




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