Farooq Satter is still in contact with Altaf Hussain

Despite several declarations by Farooq Sattar of not having Altaf Hussain to be the sole authority of MQM and that MQM Pakistan will have its own decisions this never happened. Altaf hussain is still holds the main authority of MQM and its running as ever there is no change at all.

The move was just to ease pressure after Altaf Hussain speech against Pakistan and provoking his party members to shout against Pakistan. Farooq Sattar immediately held a press conference and declaring he no longer accept MQM UK decisions and will make their own but it was just a move to gain people trust. Altaf Hussain and MQM UK authoritative committee still doing all decisions.

This has been revealed through internal sources of MQM as well as communication between members of MQM and Altaf Hussain. Everbody in MQM realize that Altaf Hussain is MQM and MQM is nothing without him. Farooq sattar and his other party members are still working in same way that they were doing from last decade.

There is no minus Altaf formula ever, altaf hussain sometime blames Pakistani authorities to pressurize for minus Altaf formula but that never came in to existence. The issue seem to catch more fire after arrest of izhar ul hasan and then his immediate release with chief minister heavily involved suspending rao anwar immediately while transferred area DSP to report to Federal.



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