FIFA Suspended Pakistan Football Federation

Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has suspended Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) over continuous fight between two groups who are trying to take own the federation. The PMLN Government want to appoint Captain Safdar as federation chief while FIFA recognize  Fasila Saleh Hayat as legal federation chairman. Like cricket where PCB is totally politicized and comes direct under Prime Minister control. PM has right to appoint the PCB chairman which mostly a political person or bureaucrat . ICC continuously urging for non political setup but its has not bee done yet.  On the other hand FIFA has same stand of having no politics involved in the football federations and it has suspended Pakistan.

Pakistan would not be able to take part in any international football activity nor any individual player will be able to participate in the international circuit. PFF also lost heavy aid from FIFA for the development of the football in Pakistan.

According to the court decision Faisal Saleh Hayat is the legal federation owner and he has right to led the federation but opponent appealed in higher court and case is pending for 2 years. FIFA’s decision is based on this pending case because it had warn several times but PFF did not solve its problem.



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