First CPEC Shipment Arrived in Pakistan from China

First CPEC Shipment Arrived in Pakistan from China. A convoy of 165 containers reach Gawadar last night. The shipment entered Pakistan on 1st November and took around 12 days to reach Gawadar. Strict security measures were taken to safeguard the first shipment. There was air surveillance monitoring entire routes.

On Sunday an inaugural ceremony would be held under top leadership from politics as well as army and international ambassadors are also invited. The shipment entered Pakistan through its border with China and passed through various districts of Baluchistan to reach Gawadar. From here a Chinese ship will carry these goods to middle east as well as African countries.

CPEC is now officially started its operation and in coming days it will have more increased operations. Both Pakistan & China were very strong in completing the CPEC and to make it operational very quickly. The involvement of Army to protect CPEC greatly increased its value and trust from the Chinese.




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