Governor Sindh Saeed Zaman Sidiqui Died

Governor Sindh Saeed Zaman Sidiqui died at the age of 80 years. He was appointed Governor on 11th November 2016. He had not performed his chair well and most of time he was ill and then admitted to hospital.

He was 31st governor of Sindh. He was ill from past many years. PLMLN government was much criticized of appointing old age person as governor Sindh. Saeed Zaman Sidiqui was supreme court justice and after retirement and completing his time to join the politics.

He had replaced Ishrat ul ebad as governor sindh who served this position for almost 12 years. Analyst says that governor Sindh position is mostly inactive one as most powers are to the ruling government which PPP and MQM in Karachi thus governor Sindh role is too less in main stream policies.




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