How Calibri font Can End PM Tenure

After Maryam Nawaz has submitted some documents as proof dated back to 2004 but JIT quick minded research immediately called those documents fake. It all just depended on the font which are hardly noticed. Documents were in Calibri font which was only available for commercial use in 2007 while documents were from 2003 and 2004 agreements of Nawaz Sharif in Jeddah.

This spark a huge debate and trolls are on peak for Maryam Nawaz and PMLN. There are several edits to Wikipedia Calibri font page and Wikipedia had to disable editing or updating of this page immediately. This shows how much frustration was on the ruling party over this.

The fact can not be denied that Calibri font came in 2007 as its founder said in an interview that beta testing is usually for experts and testing staff not for public use and font was only available with new version of Windows release in 2007 and it came with that.

Now Calibri font has become so much important in Pakistan that it can force PM to quit as it might be a solid proof of legitimacy of documents submitted.



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