How To Get Experience For The Job?

Interviewer: Do you have experience for this job?
Student: No, Sir

Interviewer: You must have experience to have any chance of getting this job

Student: From where i get experience

Interviewer: By doing a job 😀

Experience is the requirement of almost every job. Pakistan short on career opportunities have no setup of giving someone training, apprenticeship or practical learning thus students who go out of university as graduate find them self no where to go. They apply to each job knowing that it would be a miracle if they get that job because every job demands experience.

Students in Pakistan have no clue how they  can get some experience. There are private sector companies that does provide shorter 3-6 month of training but that do not yield much and do not count as experience. The universities also left the student with no support for his career or at least to give him some experience.

This is the biggest problem students had got. They need to work hard to have their cv furnished up that can include their experience and past jobs. The universities must come forward and develop such programs that allows students to grow their practical skills and that can consider as first hand experience. Like if someone is interested to become a teacher university should appoint him as supporting lecturer for shorter period to polish his/her skills. Same if someone want to be a banker then give him shorter training in any reputable bank supported by the university.

Career planning is not much seriously taken here. European countries have guided plans for career planning and private sector is participating in that comprehensively thus a graduate comes out of university he is ready to serve in the industry rather than he go here and there to gain some experience.

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