How To Write a Perfect CV

CV is most important part while searching a job or interview. A CV usually contain all of your personal details, education, experiences, interests and your qualities. The CV is the back bone of how employer will judge you without talking to you directly or before interview thus it should be well versed with following guidelines.

First of all everyone wants to add as much info as he can and sometime people also add false information which makes the things more difficult for you than making it easier so its best to write in cv  what you have originally. Like if you do not have any experience then there is no need to write fake experiences as employer will then ask you more tough questions. So keep your cv short and to the point.

Breakdown Of CV Parts:

The cv should start with a headline or few lines that describe your passion or focus to do a job. This can be 2-3 lines and you can get premade fillers from internet, some good punch lines.

Then it should have all of your personal details like name, email and phone. You can include your address, dob, father name and identity info if its required otherwise only name and email are enough.

Next important part is your education. Do it from higher to lower so include your higher degree first then lower at the end. Try to include degree name, institution, awarding data and percentage of marks obtained. You can also specify any distinguished results you had achieved.

Then comes the major part where most people lack which is experience. If you do not have experience leave this empty just saying you are a newbie or fresh graduate seeking experience. If you have experience then mention it in the order of duration. If you done a job in the past for 3 years then mention it first rather than job of 6 months or shorter period.

After this you can include your hobbies, interests and then some close up lines like looking forward for your positive response.

Now days you can find several pre made CV templates which are auto fill and you just get it and add your own info but make sure that your cv should be unique as that format can be used by many others.





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