India released Two Pakistanis in URI attack suspects

India has returned 2 Pakistanis who were suspected of Uri attack. Both were students Faisal Hussain and Ahsan Khursheed who crossed the line of control by mistake and captured by Indian forces citing that they had assisted the attackers as tour guides guiding them through to Uri.

NIA has said that they had not found any evidence of involving both persons. Their Geo location, mobile data and thorough investigation from them turns out that they were on our border line by mistake.

Both were returned to Pakistani authorities on Wahga border today where they were accepted by Pakistan border force.

Its said that both ran away from their homes due to study issues and found themselves in Indian hands with a huge investigation on them.  On September 2016 according to India four armed men crossed the line of control and attack on Uri army base while Pakistan maintains that the attack was done from inside Kashmir by Burhan Wani’s allies to revenge his killing.




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