Most Interesting But Weird Facts

Here are some useful information and why that is done. You would be amazed to know this.

  1. Different meal is given to Pilot and Assistance pilot in case of food poison at least one survive.
  2. The smallest country in the world is Vetecan. It has 109 acre area and population is 1500
  3. Half of world population is less than 25 years of age
  4. 42 murder attacks were done on adolf hitler all went unsuccessful. He committed suicide
  5. 86% earth and 91% sea creatures are still to be discovered
  6. Butterfly real name was flutterby
  7. There are 26 countries with no sea
  8. The first oil well was digg in Pennsylvania USA in 1859
  9. The world’s largest park is in Canada
  10. Switzerland has most mountains in the world



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