JIT Submitted Its Report To Supreme Court

Panama Leaks JIT has submitted its report to supreme court. After much speculation and heating arguments between riving parties JIT stood firm and presented its report on time.

JIT members were Amir Aziz from State Bank of Pakistan, Wajid Zia from FIA, Bilal Rasool from SECP, Irfan Naeem from NAB, Brig. Nauman Saeed from ISI and Kamra Khurshid from MI.

JIT report that is published on media suggests that JIT members were not convinced with Nawaz Sharif evidences brought in front of them and they did not conside Qatari Prince letters much in to this investigation. Overall they had stated that its a lot of difference in income and life style of Nawaz & his family.

PMLN leaders rejected this report and aruged that its a PTI report.



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