Lahore High Court Lifted PEMRA ban on Indian Content

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has lifted the PEMRA ban on Indian television plays. PEMRA has imposed this after URI attack when India banned Pakistani actors in their films so in response PEMRA imposed ban of airing any kind of Indian teleplays or programs on Oct 19, 2016. The anti Pakistan programs or plays will still be censored but this will allow major tv channels to continue airing Indian plays like they were doing before Oct 19, 2016.

The petition was filed by Leo Communications a parent organization of Filmazia in Lahore High Court stating that the ban was not imposed by Government of Pakistan and PEMRA should not ban without authorization from respective ministry. The ban was already lifted from India films however Indian plays were not granted to be televised on Pakistani channels.

LHC Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that anti Pakistan content will be censored but there is no need of a complete ban. He said world has become a global village and such ban will only prevent entertainment access to common people. He said that PEMRA should not ban anything that federal government did not recommended.



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