When M M Alam Destroyed 9 Indian Fighter Jets

As comes September marks great days in Pakistan history when they not only defended the homeland but also gone deeper in to India to halt Indian forces back to their bases. Major war was fought by ground forces but air forces were critical in assisting the ground forces as well as securing air space.

M M Alam was born in Calcutta and moved to East Pakistan now Bangladesh after 1947. He joined the PAF in 1952 and commissioned in 11th squadron in 1953. He moved to West Pakistan after 1971 and also took part in 1971 war.

One September 7 Pakistani veteran fighter pilot M M Alam, commander 11th squadron flying his Sabre fighter and was positioned in PAF base Sarghoda.  He destroyed nine Indian Hawker Jet fighters in air-to-air combat, and damaged two others . 5 Jet fighters were destroyed in less than a minute a world record in any front on front warfare. For his spectacular efforts he was awarded Sitara-e-Jurat the prestigious military award given to armed forces of Pakistan for their courage and bravery.

There was no doubt about this incident as Indian forces also confirmed that M M Alam destroyed 7 of their Jets and killing all the crew inside. Indian sources confirmed following killings.

  • 6 September 1965, 1× Hawker Hunter, Squadron Leader Ajit Kumar Rawlley
  • 7 September 1965, 5× Hawker Hunters, Pilots were Onkar Nath Kacker, A B Devayya, Suresh B Bhagwat, Flight Lieutenant B Guha, Flying Officer Jagdev Singh Brar
  • 16 September 1965, 1× Hawker Hunter Flying Officer Farokh Dara Bunsha

M M Alam retired as Air Commodore in 1982 and spent his entire life in Karachi. He was died on 18th march 2013. Several memorials were built or renamed after him, the most popular is M M Alam road in Lahore. PAF renamed Mianwali base to PAF Base M M Alam.




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