Maliha Lodhi’s Great Speech at UN

Pakistani representative at UN Maliha Lodhi has done a brilliant speech in reply to Indian allegations. She thoroughly pointed out everything and it is clear that her speech was very well researched, organized and conveyed in best possible way.

She started with that she is responsible to respond about Indian speech today. She said that its total allegations and India’s move to stay away from realities. We reject all allegations made in the Indian speech.

She said that India is having severe human rights violations in Kashmir with their troops and state laws to demolish innocent Muslims whether men, women, children or aged people. The Kashmiri’s right of self determination is met with worse example of state terrorism.

During last two and half month thousands are injured specially blinded through pallets. Pakistan demands complete investigation through international human rights groups and asks India to accept this and allow them free access to Kashmir.

Mr President Jammu & Kashmir was and will never be part of India and its disputed state. The right of self determination is recognized by UN, Pakistan and India. The India is still unable to confess to UN resolutions. The Kashmiri’s struggle is legitimate and it has all support from UN & Pakistan.

The latest URI attack and its timing is clearly a false try to divert attention of UN from Kashmir. The international community is well aware that such several events are portrayed in the past to blame Pakistan.

India’s government is in delusion if it believe that it can isolate Pakistan in fact its India who is isolating. Its long been that India is sponsoring state terrorism. It has done this to all neighboring countries specially in Pakistan.

She also mention Kalbhushn Yadev as a spy from India and created unrest in Baluchistan. India’s attempt to destabilize Pakistan is well open to all world now.

Pakistan always open to talks with India and its India who always end talks with no reason.




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