MQM London’s Several Workers Arrested

MQM London several workers were arrested by Rangers after they were trying to show the power. Several MQM London workers gathered at MQM head office nine zero and chanted the slogans for Altaf Hussain. Some workers also placed the flag of MQM. Then Rangers came and spread the MQM London workers.

MQM London has said that they were remembering the death of their workers specially Altaf Hussain brother Nasir Hussain and Arif Hussain.

The situation is more severe for MQM London after MQM Pakistan has separated from London wing. The decision was taken by Farooq Sattar after strong pressure from Government and voters against Altaf Hussain for hate speeches against Pakistan & Pakistan Army.

Rangers had denied any use of power against workers and claimed that the protestors were chanting political slogans and were stopping the traffic.



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