Nawaz Sharif Press Conference

Former prime minister held a press conference after returning from London. Throughout his press conference he criticized court decision and hinted towards some institutions who he claimed behind his dismissal as prime minister.

He said following during the press conference.

  • I was called a hijacker and forced to be expelled from the country by martial law administrator.
  • I faced the courts under martial law and in democratic rule as well. Now i even not been given the option for appeal against the decision.
  • The court has declared his decision and then made JIT which court observed himself which is rare in judicial history.
  • The case was for Panama which i was clear and dismissed on Aqama.
  • Decisions should be made by people of Pakistan not anyone else.
  • Not sure what crime i had done that they had expelled me.
  • Court has lots its credibility with such decisions.
  • They have decided already that they will dismiss me.
  • I would face all cases.

Meanwhile Nawaz Sharif appeal to allow him not to present in court has been dismissed. Its said that Nawaz Sharif close people had advised him to come to Pakistan and face the courts which they are sure they will be cleared. Senate and National Assembly has also passed a disputed bill to allow a dismissed person to lead the party which paved the way for Nawaz Sharif to remain as the head of PMLN.

Nawaz Sharif is still ruling the party and government as all government officials and Prime Minister is having meetings with Nawaz Sharif and all key decisions are been taken by himself.




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