No Dharna Cost Mega Loss to Tv Channels

After Imran Khan has postponed the dharna after Supreme Court has ordered to make an independent commission to probe in to Panama Leak, cost million dollars lost to Tv Channels who were looking like a beast in to dharna coverage.

The way tv channels were reporting in last 4 days was like a movie person in some desi wedding. Their reports well covering the every bit of dharna and having lots of talk shows, news and tickers to gain more viewers. But original event is not happening so most of tv channels are in a big loss as all of them have prepared tons of material, talk shows and well paid to reports to spread them across Bani Gala to have vast coverage of dhrana. But Imran Khan has ruined their plans. Now in total desperation the tv channels are showing talk of if the decision is right or wrong.

How situation changes within moments. 2 hours earlier tv channels were making dreams of a big transmission tomorrow but all of their plans are over now.




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