Old Traditional Games are Losing Their Existence

With technology so common and accessible to every genre the art of playing traditional games outside of homes are coming much less. Main reason is that today children and young are more interested in playing games on mobile phones on the go and do not bother to go in the ground or outside to play games that involves more parts than their hands and eyes.

Here were are discussing those beautiful games that only 90s kids can remember best

Guli Danda:

Guli danda is a much famous game specially in rural areas and villages. It involves many people aiming to hit small piece of thin stick to long distances while people acting as fielders try to catch it or throw it back to hit the hitting stick of the person who is the hitter. The game is still surviving in far villages.

Pito Gram:

Not sure what people call it in English we were usually call it Pito gram. Where 2 teams of equal number of players participate. One tries to hit the pitos (small stone) with a ball and other team tries to hit them with ball before they rearrange stones. The game was best played in schools in those beautiful days.

Paper Games:

These were games usually played by siblings at night. There were many different games using paper. That include like tables, cross, king & thieve and many more. With smart games gone deep in us these games are rare and children might find them boring to play these. But it was fun in those childhood days. isn’t that?

There are lot of more games that we all played alot. Share your best games of childhood in comments



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