Pakistan Destroyed 3 Check Posts Deep Inside Indian Territory

India again violated the line of control with shelling on civilian areas and they are calling it as surgical strikes. Pakistan army said that there is no evidence of any surgical strikes instead its usual cross border firing which Pakistan army is giving strong response.

India claimed that they had carried surgical strikes near LOC and killed many terrorists who were planning to cross LOC. However the places were not named which increases the suspicions of any surgical strike.

Pakistan army responded strongly against Indian shelling and reported to have destroyed 3 check posts deep inside Indian LOC area. More news are coming in this regard. The tension on LOC is rising and locals are quite feared of this as it was complete calm in last 13 years. Many small villages are very close to LOC and directly under the artillery fire.

According to Pakistan army 2 of its soldiers are martyred while 9 are injured.



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