Pakistan Government is not presenting well in UN

Pakistan ruling government PMLN is not presenting well in UN. PM is in UN assembly on peace meeting but did a premade speech that he is giving from several years. There is nothing new in this. The foreign ministers as well constant UN members from Pakistan are just passing their days while doing nothing to promote the case of Kashmir as well as indian terrorism involvement in Pakistan.

Government officials are constantly saying after each terrorist attack that they have clear evidences of indian raw sponsored terrorism inside Pakistan and will provide proof to international forums but no progress has been made of yet. The current sessions are passing by while india on base of recent uri attack has got something to defend otherwise they were on backfoot as international peace keepers and media had realized indian brutality in Kashmir.

The Pakistan army on the other hand is well aware of situation but they can only express at their own limitations but they always had desire that government should take some serious steps and spread out the truth about india rather than just passing time is pre scripted speeches.

PM raised the issue of refugees around the world and how Pakistan has endorsed largest refugees from last 35 years since 1980. Due to constant cross border terrorist movement strict actions are been taken to afghan refugees and Pakistan is asking them that its time to go back to your own country indeed that is the case to be told to international media.

We expect PM and his staff at UN to take some measures to present Pakistan in a strong position in UN by giving all document proof to UN as well as india and setting india on backfoot. Time has come and Pakistani government should not lose this opportunity.



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