Pakistan & India Social Media War is at its Peak

Social media specially Facebook, the Pakistani and Indians are going like a war is imminent and if its not to be happen at least social users wants that to happen. Both sides sharing the army trainings, weapons and even some are sharing the nuclear bombs and how one can be devastating.

There was a post which was showing if nuclear attack happen how to save yourself. Now this has go on to troll because nuclear bomb will wait for you to make necessary measures and then it explode. Nuclear bomb will never give more than 10 seconds and everything is whipped that’s too horrible.

In this ongoing tussle almost 70% of textual news are fake while video content is either too old or consist of those media anchor aggressive attitude that thinks that Pak – Ind war is very important for the PR of their channel.

This will go on for months and people on both sides are making themselves more aggressive, abusive and challenging to each other. More content, more posts will follow and most of them become popular on Facebook or trending on Twitter.

There was a large bunch of images as well. Some of them were too perfectly photoshop while some were poorly done. Its important to share information but at least give some real information so to prove your credibility otherwise some people can believe on these fake material but not all and it will never help to calm your nerves.




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