Pakistan Will Give a Deadly Response to Any Indian adventure

17 army men dead and several injured in attack on Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri district in heavy army controlled area. India as usual without proper investigation and research blames Pakistan and cross border interruption to be cause of this attack. Pakistan strongly condemn as well as dismiss all allegations made by India.

The attack place at such time when International organization and peace keeping authorities are blaming India for sever human rights violation in indian held kashmir. The attack looks inside job to divert the attention from the killing of a innocent child by indian army couple days earlier. But Kashmiries are still mourning the death of innocent child and such attack never diverted their moto which is self determination and right to chose where they want to go.

Indian ex army officers as well as their media asking indian army to attack on Pakistan whether on small scale or large and give Pakistan a response however those people who are aware of aftermath of this are preventing any such move that can initiate a full war. Pakistan is not mynamar that someone come, attack and go as Pakistan has strong defence specially Air defence.

The attack is also to be used on upcoming United Nations meeting as india has nothing to express there. Pakistan has a strong case if they present it well. The government must produce evidences of indian involvement in Pakistan to give them a clear message that this must be stopped.




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