Pakistani Born Ahmed Mujtaba New MMA World Champion 2016

Pakistani born Ahmed Mujtaba has beaten Beneict ANG to retain his MMA World Championship belt. He defeated his opponent after tough rounds. As this sport is not much recognized in Pakistan so no one even notice that. Main stream media has not covered this story which Ahmed Mujtaba is very disappointed. He said that he had represented Pakistan on a complete new sport that does not even exist in Pakistan. So he deserves at least some coverage so game can also be promoted.

MMA (mixed martial art) is a close fight game where participants are highly trained in martial arts to grab their opponents and bend them to ground. Its same like Kushti in Pakistan but with different rules. Like we have Kabaddi played in a complete different style than it is played at international level. WWE super start Brock Lesnar is also MMA fighter. So MMA has large audience and fan following but as its not in Pakistan so Ahmed Mujtaba was unnoticed.

Here is complete video from his official page of his latest fight that gave him World Championship Ace.

It was his debut at One Defender Championship and he has straight 8 wins which is an impressive record in MMA. He is currently playing at senior level but needs lots of hard work and consistent performance to become a pro and compete in world championships. He is often called Ahmed Wolverine Mujtaba because of his appearance, he resemble to wolverine.



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