Pakistani Cinema Will Display Turkish & Iranian Films

After the ban of Indian movies Pakistani cinemas are suffering huge loss. This is because cinema needs consistent quality films which only Bollywood was providing. The Pakistani films are no doubt going up but they are not up to that point to product a series of films at consistent basis which cinema needs.

Hollywood does provide consistent films but cinemas can not only rely on them as its audience is restricted to groups of people and not much attracted to families.
After the popularity of Turkish dramas which were dubbed in Urdu, Cinemas are thinking seriously to bring in Turkish & Iranian films in to Pakistan.

Idea is right and it should be tried. But it will not guarantee to bring in full house in cinemas like Bollywood movies usually does. However with time it might get better. The quality of Turkish & Iranian movies is also highly important as well as how perfect they dub it in Urdu.

The movies might not attract people who love romance at Bollywood level as those films might lack this. They do produce all genres of movies so its on cinemas what will work best for them. The ban of Indian content from cinemas, televisions and every other mainstream media is strictly being applied as in the past cinemas and media houses were displaying large chunk of Indian content when allowed was only 5% of total transmission so there was no check and balance over this.

But recent situation between Pakistan & India was so high that these bans are implemented strongly both in Pakistan & India. A cartoon channel which ARY has landing rights was banned because it was still displaying Indian dubbed cartoons.




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