Pakistan’s 6th Census Started After 19 Years

Pakistan Government has launched largest population census after delay of 19 years. The census was done in 1998 last time under Nawaz Sharif government and now same Government is launching it again.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) will involve 119,000 people, including 84,000 enumerators: teachers and local officials who will go door to door to conduct population census.

Expert says that population census is a critical factor in determining the economic and social growth of Pakistan. It will help for Government to understand the total population, their life classes and specially determining how much youth, women and men representation is.

Population census has been started with close collaboration with security agencies, NADRA and local administration throughout Pakistan. Security is a big concern as on very first day 2 people were kidnapped who were part of census team.

Other biggest concern is migration because of recent terrorism million of people migrated from their homeland to other areas thus making census more difficult to estimate correct figures of a particular area.

History shows that population census was done after each decade in Pakistan and was delayed for the first time for 19 years. The first census was done in 1951, then in 1961, 3rd one 1972, 1981, 1991, 1998. Under constitution of Pakistan its mandatory for Government to conduct census each 10 years.

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