Panama Leaks Case Possible Court Decisions

Supreme court of Pakistan has saved the Panama Leaks case decision and would be announced any time. The sources claim that there is huge backdoor diplomacy started to affect the case. The case has run for so long that majority of Pakistanis lose their interest in that. The long trail of Sharif and his sons and each one making himself out of this case the court find it really tough who is the main person as the base of the case.
The addition of letter from Qatari Prince had turned the case in to a complete new direction. On the other hand as Pakistan’s Prime Minister is involved so having any judgement against him while he is in chair will have really bad impact internationally for Pakistan so foreign pressure is there as well.

Here are some possible outcomes that case might had.

  1. Least chances that court give verdict against PM Nawaz Sharif on his mega assets and foreign wealth but possible. Some analyst says that case decision is pending only because court wants 23rd march to pass on as PM must be there to see the parade.
  2. The court can only take PM’s children in to account and give harsh decision against them. In this case the PTI and its allies will not like this decision at all.
  3. The court can give decision in favor of PM to save his government. This is the most expected outcome that Pakistani people are expecting.
  4. The court might add in more person around PM like his business partners and people in his government.

Its strongly evident that no such decision will come that would be completely against or in favor of any side. There would be something like mediation decision so both sides would remain happy. PTI the main force behind Panama Leaks case would be lot happy seeing the PM go home without any other changes. On the other hand PM wants to remain in chair and cleared out of all the cases.





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