Pervez Musharraf Strong Response To Indian Anchor

In an interview with Indian news channel Parvez Musharraf has strongly defend Pakistan position and answer really smartly of the hard questions ask by Indian anchor. Parvez Musharraf is ex president and COAS of Pakistan and knows how to handle such situations.

In a question ask what Pakistan will do if India attack and who will be responsible. Parvez Musharraf replied that India would be responsible because of their aggressive approach and speeches throughout their government and threatening Pakistan so Pakistan can defend and will attack back as Pakistan in a strong nuclear country.

Regarding the political asylum of brahmdagh bugti he said that they are terrorist and should be consider as terrorist. Indian can not ask us to consider their terrorist our terrorist while our terrorist their friend. This has to be equality on both sides.

Parvez Musharraf also criticizes the involvement of India in Baluchistan and said that army is well aware of what to do there.



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