PIA Flight From Lahore To Karachi Went to Muscat

PIA’s Boeing 777-340(ER) jet with flight PK307 from Lahore to Karachi was not a usual flight. The plan did not landed at Karachi airport and instead continued its journey and ended up in Muscat, Oman. PIA officials have no clue while CAA said that the flight was diverted because of halt of operation on Karachi Airport. But question arises why the domestic flight did not went back to Lahore or any other near destination and instead went on to a foreign territory where passengers have no passports or visas.

Here is the original and then re routed flight route.



The red line is original flight route while blue line shows where it went to without arriving at Karachi airport. There are several speculations about recent PIA operations after a plan crashed. The uncertainty effect is increasing about once a pioneer airline.

The passengers relatives were worried of having no contact with their loved ones after flight did not arrive on the airport neither they had any confirmation where it went to.




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