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PM Could Resign in Coming Days> Khurshid Shah

Opposition leader Khurshid Shah has said that PM can resign in coming days. He said that opposition is meeting up to discuss further actions against Government.

He said that no one contacted the PPP leader yet nor they are interested in collaborating or supporting the Government. PPP will oppose the Government on Panama Leaks.

He said JIT report was clear and evident and there is no moral value of Nawaz Sharif remaining. He said that they are demanding PM to step down and can bring someone else as replacement while Government can work until its tenure ends.

Unlike past PPP is no more a ally with the PMLN as usually they oppose openly while having back channel diplomacy spanning 25 years. They were also accusation that both parties support each other in hard times and saves each other in every hard stance. But now things have been changed and PPP sight it as opportunity to degrade PMLN and increase PPP vote bank.



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