PMLN News Conference on JIT

PMLN leaders held a press conference on Saturday stating that they would not accept JIT report unless Qatari Prince testimony & supporting documents are considered as solid evidence. JIT report would be one sided if Hamad Bin Jassim testimony is not included.

PMLN strongly criticized JIT from day first, first favoring to other party and now they are stating that its completely ignoring the Qatari Prince documents. JIT earlier said that Hamad Bin Jassim should come to Pakistan for JIT investigation or at least record his testimony in Qatar embassy in Pakistan which both were rejected by Hamad Bin Jassim. Then JIT sent its two members to Qatar to meet Jassim. Meanwhile Hussain Nawaz went to Qatar to meet the Prince and acquired all necessary documents compiled after JIT investigated him.

Shahid Khaqan Abbassi said that PM could use immunity as in the constitution but he presented himself for fair justice and appeared before JIT. He also criticized the JII behavior towards a specific group.

Saad Rafique said that PMLN has public support and they will come as victorious in this case. He strongly denies any activities to affect JIT.

From other members of PMLN speaking to the news conference it was evident that they are not happy with how JIT is investigating and ordering the Sharif family to appear before them for several hours. JIT has summoned Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz for several hours on which PMLN make their concerns clear that JIT is going beyond their limitations.

JIT is supposed to give its final report to supreme court on July  12 but its is clearly behind its schedule and might take couple weeks to complete their final report. Earlier supreme court has formed JIT to investigate more deeper in to Panama leaks after judges unanimously were on the point that there is something in Panama Leaks that needs more investigation.



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